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With every product SKU you create it becomes a live product in your library. Live product allows you to order RFID tags and check current inventory. You can adjust as needed if you want that product to show in your library view or not, this is called Archive state. 

Tip: This is helpful for seasonal flavors that you want to sell during set times but do not offer all year long. The data of transactions and demand will be available for that SKU at any time but you won't be confused of ordering the wrong flavor. 

Requirements to archive a product:

  • The product RFID tag can not be in inventory in any Byte store in your fleet
  • All product required fields are complete

To Archive:

  1. Select the SKU product 
  2. Click Archive

 To Un-archive:

  1. Navigate back to Products by selecting Products on the navigation panel 
  2. Select the Check box on the top left > Include Archived Products
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where archived products are shown in a light font color 
  4. Select on the product/SKU you wish to un-archive
  5. Select un-archive

- See photos below for reference -  






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