Where can I find billing information?

You can find all billing information for your account in the dashboard under the Financials tab.

Here you will find the following by month and by store:

  • Merchant Fees: the total amount of percent processing fee for all transactions processed via a credit card
  • License Fees: the monthly subscription fee for licensing Byte Technology
  • Connectivity fee: the monthly fee for any stores using cellular connectivity, as opposed to hardline ethernet cable
  • Adjustments: adjustments can either be credits (+) to your remittance or debits (-) to your remittance. These adjustments could include any fee credits, Tag + Parts shipping costs. 
  • Tag Orders: the fee sum for all tags ordered in a given month
  • Remittance: the total amount to be remitted to your bank information. If (-)Negative amount, the total amount due will be charged to your bank information on file. If (+) positive amount, the total amount owed to you will be deposited to your bank information on file. 


Remittances are processed by ACH, unless otherwise specified.  

If you have any additional finance questions, please reach out to our finance team at finance@bytetechnology.co

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