How to create a usage report

A major benefit of using the Byte Technology platform is the incredibly rich set of data you have access to. You can use this data to demonstrate the value that you are delivering to your clients. In fact, you can use usage data to compile and send a beautiful infographic each month


A usage report can be helpful to include when invoicing a client for a sponsored subsidy, or to provide to clients wanting a bit of detail on what employees are purchasing. 

Step 1: Export the data

First, export the data for the given store(s) from the Byte Dashboard. This will export all transactions for the time period in which you're interested. Be sure to only select data columns that you wish to share with the client

Step 2: Make client facing 


Since you'll be sharing this with you client, the following little touches will make the document look polished:

  • Freeze the header row and bold the headers
  • Be sure any unnecessary data columns are deleted
  • Add your logo to a header row

Step 3: Add any "extras"

Is your client really interested in what the top sellers are? Include a pivot table highlighting what products are selling at the highest quantities.

Does your client have employees on-site 24/7? Include a breakdown of how your store is getting used at all hours of the day.

Do you want to drive home the high number of people using the store? Look at the unique number of UIDs to get a sense of the total users in the time period. Note that UID is an imperfect look at unique users, as a UID is created for each unique credit card. But it is a very close approximation.

That's it! Now you've got a great way to access and communicate data to your clients.

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