Sales deck and talking points

After you’ve identified a contact and built interest over email and cold calls, it’s time to get them on the phone and walk them through the sales deck.

Included here is a customizable sales deck (PPT format) and below are slide-by-slide talking points to build interest in your service.

slide_1.png Talking Points:

This is a chance to learn about the prospect’s company:
- Where they’re located
- How many employees 
- What food options they currently have available
- The employee demographic and food preferences

Share the story of your company and why you're unique. Build rapport.

Talking Points: 
The Google's of the world have figured out the productivity hack of having fresh food on site. It makes for happier, healthier and more productive employees.

This is a chance for more companies to offer a similar employee perk without incurring the same high cost.


Talking Points:
A recent study by Harvard (here) found that every dollar spent on workplace wellness lowered healthcare costs by $3.27. Wellness starts with what we put in our body, yet 99% of offices don’t have access to fresh meals on-site.

Employees compromise between health vs convenience; employers choose between productivity and budget. You no longer need to make those tradeoffs.

slide4.png Talking Points:
Reinforce how the Byte fridge works:

With the swipe of a credit card, the store unlocks. Open the door and it's like a normal shopping experience - you can pick things up, put them back or take multiple items. When you close the door, the technology automatically knows what was taken and charges accordingly. 

slide5.png Talking Points:

Client will receive an assortment of products based on the office’s taste profile.

The office can choose to subsidize as much or as little as they wish - even by day of week or time of day.

slide6.png Talking Points:

And of course our food is incredible …. this is your time to shine and highlight all the great food you’re able to offer to your prospects.

[Fun fact: if you can set up a tasting with the prospect, you have an 80% likelihood of closing that deal]


Talking Points:

Make their mouths water and talk about the great selection of food their employees will have access to.


Talking Points:

Update with numbers specific to your business, and talk through the benefits the average client sees. 

What percent of employees at a location typically participate?

How much employee time is saved by not having to leave the building?

How do people rate your food?


Talking Points:

Walk through a case study to drive home the return on investment for the company you're talking to.

Employee count
X Ave. participation (72%)
X Ave. monthly purchases (7)
X 15 min saved per purchase
divided by 4
= hourly savings per month


 Talking Points:

Drive home how hands-off and turn key your service is for the company. 


 Talking Points:

To recap, our service includes... and is 100% hands off. Gain all of these benefits for a monthly subscription of $500, and choose from a variety of add ons. 

[FUN FACT: most locations are willing or able to pay a low monthly subscription for the service.]


 Talking Points:

Highlight other similar clients you are working with to build confidence. Schedule an on-site tasting or follow up call with a decision maker to make a final decision the following week.

Download the full deck and talking points here.



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