Maximize profits using subsidies and subscriptions

Employer sponsored subsidies are an important channel for maximizing sales volume through your Byte Technology store. Before this technology, companies had very few choices when it comes to fresh food in the office.

Option 1 is they can do nothing (no food), or

Option 2 is to 100% subsidize the food and give it away.

The latter is very expensive, so you're now able to offer a third option.


Sponsored Subsidies

Many clients choose to subsidize the cost of food in their fridge by a percentage. This allows them to decrease the cost of food to their employees and pay for that difference at the end of the month - based on what employees purchase. Companies can subsidize between 1% and 100%. They can choose to have a permanent subsidy, or to make it time or day based. Read more about discounts and subsidies here.

Subsidies are a win-win for you and the client. The lower prices result in higher sales volume for the location while making the food more affordable for employees - ultimately making them more productive, happier, and healthier.


Monthly Subscription

Many locations may be too small to ever sell enough food to be worth your while, but that's where collecting a monthly subscription makes sense. In our experience, a number of smaller businesses are willing to pay a monthly subscription to simply have fresh food available and on-site for employees. Human Resources departments at companies of varying sizes allocate resources towards employee programs that increase retention and productivity, and they are always looking for new ideas on how to keep their employees happy. Employees themselves view easy access to delicious, fresh food as a perk, so we encourage clients to position their service as a solution worth paying for! 

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  • Great article except the "Read more about discounts and subsidies here" link does not work. It would be nice to have a reference of how to make up a subsidy plan for prospects.

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  • Hi Monica-
    The link here has been fixed and now viewable. Thank you for reporting.

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