Onboarding a new location

Congratulations on closing a new location! Now it's time to make sure they are set up for success. We always recommend setting up a formal kickoff call where you can gather critical information. Taking the time to gather this information up front will ensure you're set up for success.

Key contacts

It's a good idea to record the key contacts at the company, including their names, email, and phone numbers:

  • Main contact: the person you'll primarily interact with

  • Technical contact: if you're doing a more advanced hardline connection, for instance, the person you should talk to regarding on-site technical issues

  • Accounting contact: the contact information to use when sending an invoice for setup fees, subscriptions, subsidies, or coupons

Delivery Information

You'll be making two different types of deliveries - the initial delivery of the store, then ongoing deliveries of your fantastic food. For ongoing food deliveries, make sure you confirm and/or set expectations around the following details:

  • Where in the location the store will be located
  • What amenities the location already provides, such as utensils and microwave
  • What hours you'll be able to make deliveries 
  • If you'll be able to get access for after hours deliveries


Food Mix

Now the most important part! What kind of fantastic food is appropriate for the location. Ask a few questions to understand if the location has any atypical food preferences or needs, such as:

  • Do they currently offer any other free food or drinks?
  • Are there any restrictions you should be aware of (for example, a factory may prohibit glass)?

Asking a few quick questions will help start you off on the right foot with a new location.

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