Delivering a Byte Store to your location

Now that you have sold your new direct to consumer service into a location and they are eager to have it, now what?
Here are a few tips and tricks to a smooth delivery and generate sales fast


Step 1) White Glove Delivery
The key here is to ask your client details about their location, they know the best ways to get in and out of the building for smooth delivery.
Questions to ask prior to the delivery
  • Details of building access for kiosk delivery.
  • Elevator Available?
  • What cell provider has the strongest connection at your site?
  • Can you confirm the kiosk will fit? (2x2x6.5ft)
  • Describe the parking instructions for the deployment and food delivery teams.
  • Describe where the kiosk will be located within your facility and any relevant details. (outlet available for use)
  • What amenities does your kitchen provide? (Microwave / Toaster Oven / Utensils)


Step 2) Promotion
You will want to promote the “Grand Opening” of your store in the new location prior to it arriving. With it being a new technology and concept you want to engage your potential customers to allow them to familiarize themselves with the fridge so they are excited to swipe that first time.
Here is a flyer, for example, we send to every new client to promote and distribute.


Step 3) 1st Week Check-in
Here is your opportunity to ask the client for positive and negative feedback for you to correct. This allows you to get ahead of any usage questions, troubleshooting, and getting ahead of any deal breakers later down the road. We recommend setting this up prior to the delivery to ensure buy-in from the client.
Location Client Relationship Building
This is such an important piece to the puzzle. You will want to maintain a good rapport with your client and check-in roughly every 30 days. This allows you to pull usage reports and increase revenue at any particular store unit. When this is done successfully, we have seen success of upsell opportunity or local referrals to other organizations. You can then leverage that location to generate even more revenue.


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