Spanish Instructions on How it Works

If you are placing a store in where the population at the unit is predominantly Spanish speaking, it might be a good idea to have instructions in Spanish and english for ease of use. 


Below you will find several liners in English followed by the Spanish translation: 


English: Swipe your card -> Open the Door -> Grab your items -> Go. The store automatically knows what you take and will charge you accordingly.
Spanish: desliza tu tarjeta  -> abre la puerta -> agarra tu selccion -> sale. La tienda automaticamente sabe lo que agarra usted y le va a cargar usted.

English: Swipe -> Grab -> Go - Enter in your email address on the menu screen after closing the door for a receipt
Spanish: desliza -> agarra -> sale. Pone su email en la pantalla menu despues de cerrar la puerta para el recibo

Just swipe a credit card to open the door. Don ́t worry - you won't be charged unless you decide to take an item from the fridge.
Byte is like a refrigerator at your home. You can pick up and look at the food before deciding to buy it.
3. GO
Found something you like? Just take it out and close the door. Byte ́s smart technology will know what you took and charge you accordingly. Enter your email address to receive your receipt.

1. Desliza
Desliza tu tarjeta para abrir la puerta. no se le cobrará a menos que decida sacar un artículo del refrigerador.
2. Agarra
Byte es como un refrigerador en tu casa. Puede recoger y mirar la comida antes de decidirse a comprarla.
3. Sale
¿Encontraste algo que te gusta? sácalo y cierra la puerta. La tecnología inteligente de Byte sabrá lo que tomó y le cobrará en consecuencia. Ingrese su dirección de correo electrónico para recibir su recibo.

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