Screen is Black, Credit Card Reader Light is Off

When the screen is black and the green credit card reader light is off, but the Byte store is still getting power, the first item to check is the surge protector (power supply). Most surge protectors deployed with Byte fridges have black and white power cords configured as follows:


To fix a black screen, unplug the white cable and plugin on the right side of the surge protector, or to a different opening.


Wait 1-2 minutes for the screen to reboot. The screen should be restored and back online within a few minutes. 

Check the credit card reader:

  1. Check if the display is on.
  2. Check if the display reacts to swipe/touch.
  3. Check if the Credit Card Reader’s Green LED light is on.
  4. Swipe a card to test if the door unlocks. You will hear an audible click from the lock/latch.


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