How To Set Pars

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Setting pars at a Store allows you to define the quantity of each product you wish to be stocked in a store with each delivery. In the example below, from the Stores > Restock tab, you can see the quantity of a given product in inventory versus the par that is set - this determines the quantity of each product to include in a delivery. By setting pars you can be more efficient and save time servicing your stores on an ongoing basis.

How to Set Pars

  1. Navigate to Stores > Restock page.
  2. Click pencil icon on far right of the page.
  1. This will highlight the pars column and make it editable. Enter the par you wish to set for each product.
  1. When you've finished entering all pars, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Pars.

Now that you've set a par for each product, you'll be able to pull a Restock Report or pick list.

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