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How to View Transactions & Transactions Overview

Three Ways to View Transactions

  1. from the Products tab
  2. from the Transactions tab
  3. under the Stores tab when you click on a specific Byte store.

How to View Transactions in The Products Tab

  1. Under the Product tab, click the product that you want to view transactions for

  1. Click the Transaction tab

  1. Now you can see all the transactions for this specific product and can export it as well!

How to View Transactions in The Stores Tab

  1. Click on the store you want to see transactions for
  2. Click the Transactions tab

The Transactions Tab

This will be where you will go for most of your transaction research. This tab allows you to filter transactions by sales, type of sales, products, and more. You can filter by status and time frame. The Transaction tab also allows you to search by KID, email, or name. This is where you adjust transactions.

The navigation header has a few fields to filter transaction data:

Time Range: The date parameters 

Time: The time of purchase

Total: The total amount of the transaction

Name: The name as it appears on the user's credit card

Status: The Byte Dashboard uses different transaction statuses to delineate where a transaction is at in the processing process, or the end result of the processing

Store: The name of the store at which a transaction occurred

ID: The unique transaction identifier, which can be found in the user's receipt

 Helpful Information to Know About Transactions

  • You can search for a specific transaction while on the Transaction page by entering the Transaction ID or name in the search bar in the top right corner.  
  • Transactions will include information such as the date/time of the transaction, what was purchased, the amount charged to the consumer after discounts, and the transaction status.
  • If you wish to adjust or refund a transaction, simply click on the hyperlinked transaction ID. You'll be taken to the full transaction where you can then process the adjustment.  
  • To view the details of a specific transaction, click >. Here you'll be able to see the items purchased, what the customer was charged, and more. When we see that a transaction is still in the Placed state, the system has not applied discounts, charged the customer, or sent a receipt. Once the transaction is in the PriceFinalized state, discounts will be applied. Then it will move to Processed once processed by the payment processor.
  • All transactions have a $1 minimum authorization fee that will drop off within 24 hours. This authorization fee makes sure there is money on the card before the store unlocks. This authorization fee cannot be removed or lowered. The customer will see it refunded back to them. It can be raised for campus-enabled stores.

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