Rebooting your store

If your store is offline, then the store is not connected to the internet and commands will not work from the Dashboard. In this case, we recommend a manual reboot.

Manual Reboot

Perform a manual reboot as follows:

  1. Manually unplug the white cable in the back of the Byte store (plugged into the "hat" on top).
  2. Wait 10 seconds.
  3. Plug the cable back in. 
  4. The Byte store will automatically begin to power on.

Remote Reboot

A remote reboot performed via the Dashboard will remotely reboot the tablet, resetting all services. Reboots are appropriate for hardware issues and can take up to 2 minutes to complete. If issues persist, reboot 1-2 more times as some issues require more than one cycle. 

If your Byte store is online, then you may either reboot or restart your store using the dashboard. Deciding between a reboot or a restart app depends on the technical issue you are seeing at a particular Byte store. 

The first step is to go to the Dashboard and navigate to the Byte store that needs attention. If the dashboard is showing a health status of "Offline" or "Multiple Issues", then the Byte store is offline and someone must go to the actual store. If the health is green and showing "Online", you may proceed as follows: 

Select Stores on the navigation panel > select the store you wish to view > select Send Command to Store to view the list of commands as shown below:


Restart Tablet

Sending a Restart Tablet command will remotely reset the software supporting purchases, inventory, merchandising, filters, etc. Typically, restarts are appropriate for issues with the tablet menu screen and take about 20 seconds. If the Byte store is online, you are having issues with the tablet display, i.e., stuck on the screen "Hold tight, Byte is loading," this is the first command to try. 

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