Tagging snacks or soft packaging

Adding snacks to your Byte store is a great way to increase the average ticket amount, as well as offer go-to items during peak snacking periods like 10a and 3p. Regular Tags or Metal Flag TagsĀ are most often used on snacks, however, always follow best practices:

  • If the tag has the potential to be microwaved, use a Microwave Safe Tag
  • If the tag will be placed directly on metal or foil-lined packaging, use a Metal Flag Tag
  • If the tag will be placed on a non-metal drink, use a Drink Flag Tag

Below are a few examples of tagging different kinds of snacks:

Snack Packaging

Many snacks, such as bags of chips and health bars, have packaging with a foil lining. In this situation, a Metal Safe Tag must be used. The Metal Safe Tag allows the RFID chip to be lifted from the foil packaging, allowing for better readability. Below are a few examples:

This cheese pack is merchandised upright, and the standard tag is placed directly on the back.

The tag is placed directly on the back of the packaging. A product like this can be merchandised directly on the shelf, in a merchandising package or container.

A regular tag can be placed directly on the back of a snack pack. An item like the snack pack above should be merchandised vertically for the best visibility by customers.

Foil-Lined Snack Packaging


This Metal Flag Tag works well for this bar because it can reach above the bar to be read by the RFID scanners.

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