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The Byte Technology platform automatically records products as they are restocked in a store by reading each unique RFID tag. Within each RFID tag is a unique identifier called an EPC code. This EPC code and the data it carries with it is what provides the reporting ability to view inventory details at any point in time. This tool is useful if the Byte store's inventory is not reading everything. This will allow you to figure out what tags are being read by the store and - by process of elimination - will figure out what tags are not reading.

To access the EPC inventory export

  1. Navigate to Products.
  2. Click the Export icon.
  3. You will see three options:
    1. Export Summary as CSV: an export of the data presented on the Products summary page
    2. Export Lots as CSV: an export of Lots level inventory details at a specific time
    3. Export EPCs as CSV: export of EPC, or unique item, level inventory details at a specific time
  4. Select Export EPCs as CSV. You will be prompted to select the time for which you'd like to view the inventory data.
  5. Select the date
  6. Click Export. The file will include the following information:
    1. Time Added: the date and time this EPC was first seen by a store
    2. Time on Shelf (Hrs): the total hours this EPC has sat on shelf; this is the time since it was initially stocked in the store
    3. Days on Shelf: this simply calculates Time on Shelf (Hrs) in terms of days
    4. Shelf Life: this is a manually input field under Product Details. If this is blank it indicates you still need to enter this information.
Note: If you have trouble exporting a CSV file - check this article out for assistance!

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