Code 10

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Code 10 means User/NAMA activated Lockdown: The store is locked down. If it is NAMA-certified, the store reached a temperature higher than 41 degrees for over 30 minutes. We have more information about NAMA HERE.

For NAMA-activated lockdown:

  1. Check the temperature of the store on-site
  2. If the temperature is lower than 59 degrees, log into the Byte store using your restocker name and password. Check on the products. Exit restocker mode.
  3. If the temperature is above 60 degrees, wait until the temperature is below 59 degrees or below before logging into resto
    cking mode. Check on the products. Exit restocker mode.
  4. Check the Dashboard to ensure the temperature has not increased for 30 minutes.

The store is fully operational once it has been at a stable temperature for 30 minutes.

For User-activated Lockdown:

  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Click the Stores tab located on the left side of the screen
  3. Click the store that is on lockdown
  4. Click Send Command to Store located on the top right of the screen
  5. Click Remove Lockdown

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