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Having trouble logging into the Byte store or being unable to view the unlock restock page?

If the user puts in their login credentials and sees the usual menu screen, that means their login credentials are invalid. The first thing you should check is the restocker username. Please be aware that users with restocker access only cannot access the dashboard. A dashboard user must check the credentials:

  1. Locate the ^ on the Settings tab
  2. Click Users
  3. Click the user you wish to see the restocker username of:

If you cannot find the user, they might have been archived. If a new restock user is created or if a password was changed, the store will need updated information. Do the following:

  1. Go to the Stores tab
  2. Click the store the restocker needs access to.
  3. Select the Send Command to Store button
  4. Click Update Restock Users

When a new user is added or the password is updated to the online dashboard, their login data must be downloaded to that particular store. The store needs to be online. To check if a specific Byte store has received a recent heartbeat status, you can find the latest time stamp on the store Status page shown below:


If that Byte store has NOT received a recent Heartbeat, the person in charge of re-stocking the machine can manually reboot the Byte store by unplugging the white cable, waiting 10 seconds, and plugging it back in.

If the door does not unlock when the user clicks unlock, we need to check on the door by using the Open Door command. Please listen for a click sound.

  1. Navigate to Stores on the dashboard
  2. Click on the Byte store that you wish to open
  3. Click on Send Command to Store
  4. Click Open Door.
  5. If you are still experiencing issues, manually unplug and turn the Byte store off for 15 seconds before replugging it back in. You may need to do that at least twice if persistent.
  6. Share a video with your attempt to unlock the store and send it to
Do not use the Open Door command to restock your store. This can cause discrepancy issues with inventory reading. We are only suggesting to use this command to check that the door is properly unlocking.

If this does not solve the login issue, please contact Support by chatting through our live chat (located on the bottom right side when logged into the dashboard) or email us at Further support will be needed to make sure you have access to the Byte store. 

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