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In traditional practices, inventory had to be kept track of very strictly. A written (or typed) document had to be used to record inventory going in and going out of a store. With Byte Technology, you do not have to do that. The Byte store will count the inventory automatically.

How does that work?

When a Byte store has completed restock mode or a transaction has finished, the Byte store will scan the contents and see what products are there and what aren't. Based on what it reads, it will update the inventory accordingly. This is why proper tagging and merchandising practices are so important. If the scanners cannot see the tags, the inventory amount will be incorrect. This is another reason why going into restocker mode is so important. It makes the store aware that you are taking product out and putting product in.

Can inventory be typed in or edited?

No, inventory cannot be input manually. The store will read everything and count the inventory automatically. The reason why is this makes sure the store can read all the products which, in turn, will make sure all customers are charged correctly.

Can products be removed from inventory through the dashboard?

No, the inventory has to be removed manually from the Byte store. It will be read in the inventory as long as it is in the store. Until the product is physically removed, customers can take and purchase the product - regardless if the inventory was manually lowered.

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