User permissions overview

Employees who create menus, run discounts, pull sales reports, stock the store, etc. need various levels of access to the fridge and to the dashboard. You have the ability to set appropriate limits of access according to the role of that employee. For example, a Delivery Driver does not need access to sales data, customer emails, etc. This is referred to as "Restocker Role."

Setting permissions allow you to toggle edit AND/OR view access for each section of the dashboard per user. Toggle on for access (will be highlighted green) OR Toggle off for no access(will be greyed out). This can be updated by the account primary contact. 

Role Definitions

There are two different levels of users: 

  1. Dashboard User: Access to the entire online dashboard plus the premium tab that includes discounts and coupons 
  2. Restocker: only has access to the physical store unit log-in for restocking or maintenance purposes 

To set a user's permissions:

Select the "Settings" section from the left-hand panel

Select Users

Locate the User you are searching for

Select that User


 Customize Permissions

To customize specific permissions a user has, do the following:

  1. Go to the Users tab
  2. Click on the User
  3. Click on the Edit button
  4. Click on the carrot next to their campuses.

  1. Switch whichever permissions needed

  1. Click save!



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