Discover how to enhance your monitoring capabilities with our dashboard alerts feature. Learn how to configure alerts for various events, such as a store going offline, RFID errors, temperature thresholds, and NAMA enabling. Receive email notifications instantly, ensuring you stay informed and take timely action when needed.

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Settings > User Overview

In the “Users” section you will find a list of users who have access to your campus/account dashboard or to the actual stores themselves. You can now set the permissions per user to fit what best sui…

Updated 5 months ago

Set up custom branded receipts

Receipts are sent to users who input their email address after a purchase. Once they've made a purchase and included their email, Byte will automatically associate that email with future purchases ma…

Updated 4 months ago

Customer Emailed Receipts

Following a customer's purchase at a store, they have the option to input their email address in order to receive a receipt. The default receipt format is as follows: Receipts are customizable! To cu…

Updated 5 months ago

Users > How to create a User

The Users section of the Dashboard is where you'll set up your team with access to the online dashboard and/or the physical Byte Technology stores. Role Definitions. There are two different levels of…

Updated 3 months ago

How to Reset Passwords

How to reset your own and other's passwords

Isabella Gumm
Updated 6 days ago by Isabella Gumm

User permissions overview

Employees who create menus, run discounts, pull sales reports, stock the store, etc. need various levels of access to the fridge and to the dashboard. You have the ability to set appropriate limits o…

Updated 5 months ago