Tagging salads or other hard packaging

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In general, products in hard packaging use Regular tags; however always follow best practices:

  • If the tag has potential to be microwaved, use a Microwave Safe tag
  • If the tag will be placed directly on metal, use a Metal Safe tag
  • If the tag will be placed on a non-metal drink, use a Drink tagFor clamshell packaged products, such as salads, there are two places you can place the tag:Option 1: Side of container (recommended)

Place the RFID tag on the side of the packaging. When possible, merchandise the packaging with the tag facing the store's antennae.


Another example of the standard size RFID tag placed on the side of a salad container. This is a nondescript location, doesn't interfere with the package's labeling, and ensures strong readability with the Byte store's antennae.


The Regular Tag can also be wrapped around the front and side of a container (pictured above). This tends to interfere with the merchandising of the product, as it blocks a customer from seeing the beautiful presentation of salad in the container. From a readability perspective, though, this tag is well placed.  

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