Delete/Undelete (or Archiving) a Product

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 Delete a Product

You cannot delete a product permanently; however, you can archive a product. Archiving a product will stop it from being read in a store and will not allow tags to be ordered for that SKU. Because it is archived, if you decide to bring that product back, you can simply unarchive it by following the same steps. This way the same information doesn't need to be put in multiple times.

Tip: This is helpful for seasonal flavors to sell during set times but do not offer all year long. The data of transactions and demand will be available for that SKU at any time but you won't be confused of ordering the wrong flavor. 

Requirements to archive a product:

  • The product RFID tag can not be in inventory in any Byte store in your fleet
  • All product-required fields are complete

How to:

  1. Select the product you wish to delete while in the Products tab
  2. Click Archive

Undelete a Product

  1. Go to the Products tab
  2. Checkmark the box titled Include archived products
Archived products are italicized.
  1. Search for the desired product and select it
  2. Click Unarchive

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