Transactions included in a remittance

To view all transactions included in a month's remittance, you'll need to process a transaction export from the Financials page.

Because Byte Technology supports clients across many geographies, we standardize remittances to the UTC time zone. That means transaction times are translated to UTC time zone before determining what month's remittance they belong in.

UTC is a fixed time zone that never observes Daylight Saving Time. The time difference for US time zones during non-Daylight Saving time is as follows: 

  • Eastern Standard Time: 5 hours ahead 
  • Central Standard Time: 6 hours ahead
  • Mountain Standard Time: 7 hours ahead
  • Pacific Standard Time: 8 hours ahead

You can see a summary and breakdown of how your remittance for each campus by month is calculated under the Financials tab. 

By selecting the ︿ on the far left column of this table view, you can see sales and fees associated with specific Byte stores for that given month.



Export Transactions in a Remittance:

Select the export button on the far right column.

Export Transactions CSV: This export will show you the transactions that were accounted for in this calculation of your credit card sales. 

Export Remittance Summary CSV: This export will show you the table summary view in CSV format. 


When viewing your exported transactions CSV, you can then filter transactions to only include transaction statuses such as:

  • Processed
  • Refunded

If you have any Byte stores where a credit card is not used for payment (campus cards, for example), you'll want to only filter transactions where "Credit Card" = "Y". 

Lastly, sum "Total Amount Charged to Customer" to get to the total amount of credit card sales included in your month-end remittance.

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