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A standard discount is used for a continual discount that has a single start date and time along with a single end date and time. 

Byte University Tip: Locations such as offices and apartment buildings like to offer a benefit to their employees or residents by subsidizing discounts for certain purchases. Easy transaction reporting allows you to easily bill the applied discount back to your locations.  


Set Up a Standard Discount

Navigate to the Discounts tab

Select + Add in the top right-hand corner

Select Discount


Complete each section accordingly:

Name - Used as the primary reference to the discount. This name will be visible in the discount CSV export and used to easily search in the table view showing all current and expired discounts. 

Value - the amount or percentage you wish to be discounted during the transaction

Billed to Location - the amount that the location of the Byte store is to be charged for this discount, scale 0-100%

Type - select Standard

Applies To - used to select products and/or categories eligible for this discount, and for which Byte stores it is available. By default, the discount will be applied to all products, categories, and stores.

Active Dates - used to know when to apply and remove the running discount

Click Save once completed 

Once discounts are created they can't be edited. To edit an existing discount you will have to end the currently running discount and create a new one

Here is an example of setting up a Standard Discount:

How to end a discount:

  1. Go to the Discounts tab located on the right side of the dashboard
  2. Click the discount you wish to end
  3. Press the End Now button you see on the bottom right.

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