Discounts > Add a Happy Hour Discount

A Happy Hour discount has a set date and time range that automatically toggles on and off to apply to transactions. Here's how.


Discounts > Add a Standard Discount

A standard discount is used for a continual discount that has a single start date and time along with a single end date and time.


Discounts Overview

The Discounts section of the Dashboard is where you'll set up any discounts and coupons to be applied to products and purchases at a Byte Technology-powered store.


Discounts > Creating Coupons

Coupons are great to use on individual transactions when you do not want a discount to appear on the menu screen.


Discounts > Add a Shelf Life Discount

A shelf life discount is used to automatically discount certain product SKUs that are near the end of their shelf life. Byte University Tip : Fresh items (-7 shelf life days) can be set up to automat…


How to redeem a coupon

How do customers apply their coupons?


How to end a Discount

When you need to cancel a discount.

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