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Tag ordering FAQ

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As you leverage the Byte Technology solution, you will regularly order RFID tags from the Dashboard.

Two Ways to Order Tags

  1. Tags tab on the left hand Navigation Bar 

  1. Reorder via Products tab > Tag Orders


When you order tags you will see or be prompted to enter the following information:



Product SKU

When a product is created in the Byte Technology Dashboard, an internal SKU number is generated.

This number is the first set of digits encoded in each RFID tag.

This field is NOT editable. 

Tag type

Byte Technology supports a total of 4 different types of tags. The tags are of different sizes and are meant for different types of products. 

Note: Drink tags and Metal Safe tags are both Flag tags and have the same appearance.
Tag Type
Common Uses

Regular Tag

46mm W x 76mm L (1.8" x 3")

most common tag and is used on salads, sandwiches, snacks, and other products.

Drink Flag Tag

Folded: 25.4 W x 50.8mm L (1" x 2")

intended to be used on products where the bottle or jar is full of liquid, Ie. Drink bottles, yogurts, and soups.

Microwave-Safe Tag

98.4mm W x  19mm L (3.875" x 0.75")

intended to be used on products where the tag will be placed on a heatable container

Metal Flag Tag

Folded: 25.4 W x 50.8mm L (1" x 2")

intended to be used on products where it will be placed directly on a metal surface, such as aluminum cans


Printed text on tag 

SKU Number is in grey as it is not customizable and will be printed on every tag for every product. 

The open text field box is to customize what name of the product you wish to have printed on this particular tag order. This is helpful if you have rotating variations of a product but want to use the same SKU number but need the text on the tag to show the current variation. 

Max limit of 32 Characters 

Name of the product in your product library is what shows on the tablet and customer receipt

Number of tags

You can order tags in increments of 100. Every roll of tags is a different QTY based on what you ordered. As little as 100 QTY up to 4,000 QTY can fit on one roll.  

Price Per Tag

Each Tag: $0.15 each 

Tag fees from ordered tags are charged to your monthly remittance - no payment is required at the time of order. 


For each tag order, you can select which type of delivery you want for that particular order. The processing time to print your tag order is between 1 -2 business days plus the time to ship. 

Please note: FedEx Delivery shipping costs are additional and can be seen under "Manual Adjustments" in the Reports tab. This cost is dependent on the weight of the package, delivery location, and travel time. The manual adjustment fee is for the cost of the shipping of the order to your delivery address. 

You can expedite your order by selecting a faster shipment method. 

Delivery Options:

  • FedEx Overnight - Standard Overnight - Delivery to your location by 4 pm the next day from the time of shipment
  • FedEx Ground - Standard Ground - 3-5 business days from time of shipment depending on where the end destination is set
  • Pickup - Pick up locally at our Petaluma, CA Office

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