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Each added product to the library is assigned a SKU number. This SKU number is what identifies each product with that RFID tag in each store to be displayed on the menu screen and available for sale.

Tag Orders Overview

The Tag Orders section under Products allows you to order new tags as well as view historical orders.



Relevant tag order information includes:

Order Number: Internal order number

Order Date: The date tag order was placed

Status: The current status of the order

  • Scheduled: Currently in line to print - when the order is in this status, the order can be edited
  • In Progress: Tags in this order are being printed
  • Fulfilled: The order has been printed and shipped out
  • Canceled: The order has been canceled

Process Date: the date on which tags were shipped from Byte Technology's headquarters

QTY: The number of tags ordered

Type of tag that was printed for that particular order:

  • Regular
  • Drink
  • Metal safe
  • Microwave safe
Note: Find more information about tags here

Delivery: type of delivery ordered for this order

Tracking: FedEx Tracking number for this order

Actions: If an order is in "scheduled" status, this pencil is visible to you to make any changes/edit prior to printing

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