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The Byte Dashboard uses different transaction statuses to delineate where a transaction is at in the processing process, or the end result of processing.

Standard Transaction Statuses

A typical transaction flow is as follows:

Placed: all transactions begin in this state; no discounts have been applied at this point

PriceFinalized: discounts, if any, are applied and the transaction is pending processing by the payment processor

Processed: the transaction was successfully processed by the payment processor. This can take up to an hour.


Refunds and Adjustments

If a transaction is adjusted in any way, the following transaction states may apply:

Adjusted: if a transaction has been modified or refunded though the Dashboard it will temporarily appear as "Adjusted" until the adjustment has been processed by the payment processor

Refunded: once a refund is processed by the payment processor a transaction will appear as "Refunded"; before it is processed it will appear as "Adjusted"


Other Transaction Status Types

There are several additional transaction status types to be aware of: 

Restock: restocking transactions at the Byte store

Voided: if a customer did not remove anything from the Byte store, the preauthorization will be voided and released. Reasons for voided differ. The most direct reason is that the store did not read a change in inventory when the transaction ended.

Declined: the full transaction charge, following preauthorization, was declined by the payment processor. A transaction might be declined due to not having enough funds on a card, for example.

Error: if there is an error capturing the transaction from the payment processor

Each of the above status types appears in transactions exports, which is helpful when doing an analysis of how many transactions are completed ("Processed") and comparing these to how many were "Voided" or "Declined." 


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