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Coupons are great to use on individual transactions when you do not want a discount to appear on the menu screen. Coupons are entered on the menu screen after a transaction ends - you will see a coupon box to enter underneath the Email address box.



Byte University Tip: Single-use coupons can be sold to locations similar to a gift card - Locations like to give incentives to new employees on their first day or as a treat for a great sales month. Reusable coupons are great for the first-week launch of new stores - you can use marketing tools to disperse coupon code and urge first-time customers to try. 


Creating Coupon Codes

Navigate to the Discounts tab

Select + Add in the top right-hand corner

Select Coupon


Complete each section accordingly:

Name - Used as the primary reference to the discount. This name will be visible in the discount CSV export and used to easily search in the table view showing all current and expired discounts. 

Value - the amount or percentage you wish to be discounted to the transaction when the coupon is applied

Billed to Location - the amount that the location of the store is to be charged for this discount, scale 0-100%

Type: select either Single User Or Reusable

  • Single Use: Unique Coupon code applied to a single transaction and becomes void after use
  • Reusable: Custom coupon code that can apply to multiple transactions until its end date

Applies To - used to select products and/or categories eligible for this coupon, and which stores it is valid. By default, the discount will be applied to all products, categories, and stores.

Active Dates - used to know date range of when coupon is valid

Click Save once completed


*Please note - Once discounts are created they can't be edited. To edit an existing discount you will have to end the currently running discount and create a new one*


For Single Use Coupons - Click Download Coupon Info - this will give you a CSV file of all the unique codes to use


Here is an example of creating reusable and single-use coupons:

Drift Video: Byte Technology Dashboard

Finding your Single Use Coupon Codes Later:You can pull the coupon code report at any time after creating the coupon. 

Navigate to the Discounts tab

Select the coupon discount in the table view

Select Export Coupon Info


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