Tagging Frozen Food

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Ever wondered how to give your frozen goodies the VIP treatment? In this quick guide, we'll spill the beans on tagging your frozen favorites with RFID magic – making your freezer a tech-savvy haven for organized deliciousness! 🍦🏷️ #FrozenFoodHacks #RFIDMagic #PoweredByByte

From frozen meals, bites, and wings to frozen treats, sweets, and bars, if it can be frozen and fit inside your Byte freezer, it can be tagged! (According to our tagging best practices of course! 😉)

Tips for tagging success:

  • Wipe the tagging area with a paper towel before applying the tag as the condensation and frost may make it tricky to initally apply the tag.
  • Metal Safe Tags (Flag Tags) are recommended for frozen goods especially if you plan on stacking the product or if the product has a unique shape.
  • Consistently apply tags to each specific product in the same manner. For instance, if tagging multiple boxes of ice cream bars to be displayed upright, position the tag vertically on the back of the product. Ensure all other tags are applied uniformly. Please refer to the image above for clarification.

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