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The Users section of the Dashboard is where you'll set up your team with access to the online dashboard and/or the physical Byte Technology stores. 

Role Definitions

There are two different levels of users: 

Dashboard User: Access to the entire online dashboard plus the premium tab that includes discounts and coupons 

Restock: only has access to the physical store unit log-in for restocking or maintenance purposes 

How to Create a New User

Users are quick and easy to create. Follow the steps below: 

  1. To add or edit a user select the Settings tab from the left-hand panel 
  2. Select Users 
  3. Select + Add

  1. Enter the new user's information:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address: This email is where any remote commands will be sent, ie menu screenshots
  • Restocker Username: this is used to log in to the dashboard and the store's tablet screen; for regular restockers, we recommend keeping it short
  • Password
  • Campus: If you have multiple campuses in your account, you can select which ones this user will have access to 
  • User Permissions: This allows you to toggle edit AND/OR view access for each section of the dashboard per user. Toggle on for access (will be highlighted green) OR Toggle off for no access(will be greyed out). This can be updated by the account's primary contact. 
  1. Select Invite to create the user and send an email invitation to access the dashboard

 Here is how it will look on the dashboard:

Dashboard User

Restocker User



How to archive a User:

  1. Go to the Users tab and locate the user
  2. Under the Actions column, click the icon that looks like an arrow going in a box

This will deactivate the user from logging into the Byte store and/or the dashboard.

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