Set up custom branded receipts

Receipts are sent to users who input their email address after a purchase. Once they've made a purchase and included their email, Byte will automatically associate that email with future purchases made with the same credit card.

By default, receipts will be emailed with Byte Technology branding.

Below is an example of the standard receipt that comes without any customization:


Below is an example of a custom branded receipt:


The components that are available to be customized include:

  • Logo: The preferred format is PNG. The logo should be anti-aliased so that it blends smoothly with the background color.  The size of the image does not matter, it will be automatically scaled to fit, however it should be optimized as much as possible for faster loading.  
  • Background color: The background color is the color that surrounds the receipt.  It is simply a hex value and should work nicely with the logo because the logo will be floating on top of it.  
  • Header text: Header text is the text that appears below the logo and above the purchase summary.  Typically this is used as “thank you” text. This space is limited to 300 characters.
  • Footer text: Footer text is inserted at the bottom of the email below all other content.   This space is limited to 500 characters.

To customize receipts with your branding, please submit a request here.

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