How to prevent mischarges

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RFID technology offers a remarkable advancement in tracking and inventory management. To maximize the efficiency of Byte kiosks in your business, it's essential to ensure proper product tagging and effective merchandising, as these elements significantly influence the system's performance.

Should I expect mischarges?

The Byte fleetwide averages for mischarges are about 0.4% of total transaction volume - this is across all campuses, product types, location types, and a range of tagging "styles". You should not accept mischarges as normal if you are seeing a mischarge rate above this average, and there's much that can be done to improve transaction and inventory accuracy.

What causes mischarges?

A Byte kiosk checks inventory before and after a transaction. If it can't "see" a product's tag anymore when the transaction closes, it thinks the product was purchased. This results in a mischarge where the customer is charged for something they did not purchase.

Mischarges happen when a kiosk experiences difficulty knowing what is in inventory. The two culprits that contribute to mischarges are 1. how the products are tagged, 2. how the products are merchandised, and 3. if there are other kiosks in close proximity. It is very rare that an issue lies with the RFID scanner or the store's ability to read the products.

Steps to resolve:

  1. Identify what products or kiosks are experiencing higher than normal mischarges. If it's a specific product, is it being tagged correctly?
    1. Drinks
    2. Sandwiches
    3. Snacks or Soft Packaging
    4. Soups or Yogurts
    5. Salads or Meal Packaging
  2. Are guidelines being followed for product merchandising? Tags should be placed facing the antennaes above in order for easy readability.
  3. Is the kiosk in close proximity to other Byte kiosks, or is there a high purchase volume with multiple customers shopping in quick succession? You may be eligible for adding additional RFID shielding to your Byte kiosk. Reach out to for more information.
  4. If you'd like additional support, reach out to Provide the KID or Kiosk Name and photos and/or video of how products are tagged and merchandised. The Byte support team can pull detailed backend data to diagnose and properly resolve the issue.

The last step is one of the best benefits of using Byte Technology. Byte's support team will personally take a look at your store(s) and give you recommendations on how to lower mischarges.

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