Ethernet setup and networking requirements

Connecting your Byte store to ethernet connectivity is simple, fast, and easy. Please see the required materials before proceeding.

Required Tools for Setup

  1. Phillips head screwdriver
  2. Step stool or freestanding ladder. You'll need to access the top "hat" on the Byte store.
  3. A Cat5 ethernet cable that is long enough to reach the internet router or wall port.
  4. Source of internet. Ex: ethernet wall port or internet router.

Setup Steps

  1. Remove the top hat of the Byte store by removing the 8 screws using a Philips screwdriver.
  2. Connect the Cat5 ethernet cable to the ethernet port, as shown in the photo below: 

Byte Technology Network URLs and Ports

When a Byte store is placed on local Ethernet, make sure your firewall is configured appropriately. Byte will need access to the following DNS: - Byte server for the kiosk to pull relevant information - Byte server for the kiosk to pull relevant information

* - diagnostics

* - diagnostics

* - diagnostics

Byte needs access to the following ports:

80, 443 (SSL), 5228/5229/5230 (FCM)

Downstream commands include:

  • Kiosk lockdown
  • Kiosk status request
  • System reboot
  • Forced application update
  • Inventory pull
  • Kiosk unlock

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