Stores Tab Overview

In the Stores section, you will find all of your stores and information that relates to all the Byte stores in your fleet.

To Access Byte Stores

Click on Stores on the left-hand side. 

Important information you can see on this page for all of your Byte stores include:

Campus Name: The name of your campus. Also known as CID.

Store Name: The name of your Byte store including the KID# (Kiosk ID)

Health: This column indicates the health of your Byte store, (think offline/online).

Address: The physical location of the Byte store 

Last Restock: The date of the last restock 

Current Inventory: The number of items currently available for purchase 

Avg Daily / Sales Qty: An average of daily sales in quantity 

Last Heartbeat: The date and time of the last check-in with the server (should occur once every 10 minutes)  


If you want to see more information about the store, click on the store.

Here is where you see the following information about the Byte store:

General: The general information about the store such as address, name, etc.

Restock: This will show the restock information for that store such as what is in stock, and how many items were restocked last.

Discounts: The current discounts that are active for the store.

Technical: The technical information about the Byte store such as the serial number for the store, OptConnect, and credit card reader.

Status: This is where the "heartbeats" are shown. They are checked in every 10 minutes.

Another great feature on this page is the Send Command to Store.

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