Understanding Campus Cards

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Your store has successfully landed on a college campus and is ready to accept campus cards, now what?

Your store functions just like a regular Byte store but can also accept another form of payment - campus cards! Both debit and campus cards are accepted at the same time. Apriva supports this integration with the following partners:

Now that you have secured a new way to innovate campus dining, let's look at how this looks on both the store and the online dashboard!

What you will see on the tablet/menu screen:

When a customer wants to use their campus card, they press the TAP TO USE CAMPUS CARD and then swipe their card. The Byte store will verify their card and that it has an acceptable balance before the store unlocks.

When viewing transactions in the dashboard, this is how a campus card transaction will look:

Student names will never show as all campus card information is encrypted and names are not a stored value in our system.

Campus Card Sales Reports:

When exporting transactions via the Transactions tab > Export > Export Transactions, to view campus card orders, you can use the filter/sort option to filter orders by "CAMPUS" via column AA - "CREDIT CARD". Learn more by clicking on the following article: How to Export Transactions for Enhanced Sales Analysis

If your store is not campus card enabled, and you would like to learn more, reach out to support@bytetechnology.co

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Campus Cards FAQs