Campus Cards FAQs

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Here are some commonly asked questions regarding campus cards:

Q: What campus card providers are supported?

A: Atrium, Transact, CBORD, TouchNet via Apriva.

Q: What tender types are accepted?

A: Dining dollars, flex points, and(with select providers) meal plans.

Q: What is the minimum required dollar amount a single Byte store can be set to?

A: Clients have the option to set the minimum required balance of a student card to $1.00. This is the lowest dollar amount allowed.

Q: Will my store also accept credit cards as well?

A: Yes, customers can pay with either a credit card or a student card.

Q: Where can I find campus card transactions?

A: You can view campus card transactions on the Transactions tab. You will notice the customer Name as the following: "XXXX Apriva" and the Status to be "CAMPUS". Student information such as first and last name will never show due to encrypted data.

Q: Where can I download campus card transactions?

A: Via the Transactions tab > Export > Export Transactions. Download the CSV file (open in google sheets or excel) - to view campus card orders, you can use the filter/sort option to filter orders by "CAMPUS" via column AA - "CREDIT CARD".

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Understanding Campus Cards