Merchandising best practices

 The open shelving of Byte stores and the flexible nature of the Byte platform, allows you to sell a wide range of products. There are some guidelines to ensure the products are read accurately by the Byte store's antennas to ensure inventory is accurate. 

Merchandising Guidelines

  • Antennas read RFID tags from above, so the tag should be placed toward the top of the product
  • Place drinks or taller items in the middle lanes as much as possible
  • Metal cans should be distributed in lanes instead of merchandise to take up an entire shelf
  • Place snacks and smaller items on the top shelf
  • Tags should not have products stacked on top of them and should not be sandwiched up against the wall
  • Create a line of sight from the tag to the sensor suspended above the shelf
  • Tags should never be folded (exception: use of Metal Safe Tags)
  • Tags should never be reused after they've been stocked in a Byte store

Sample Planogram


Examples of correct merchandising:

The stores below are reading 100% of the inventory and have RFID-blocking technology.

Entire Store

Close-up of snacks

Sandwiches and wraps


What makes these examples the correct way to merchandise?

All of the tags are up, off of the product, and the products are all positioned upwards. All of the products are positioned in a fashion for the RFID scanners to be able to read the tags. This will help readability and increase inventory amount available in the store.

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