Tagging Best Practices

Tagging drinks

Every well-rounded product set includes drinks! Because drinks are liquid, it's important they be tagged properly.

Updated 1 month ago

Product tagging best practices

Products should use the appropriate tag type based on characteristics such as packaging, product contents, and whether the tag will be microwaved. This article goes over best practices.

Updated 1 month ago

Tagging sandwiches or burritos

This article goes over how to tag sandwiches, burritos, and items that may be microwaved.

Updated 2 months ago

Tagging snacks or soft packaging

Adding snacks to your Byte store is a great way to increase the average ticket amount, as well as offer go-to items during peak snacking periods like 10a and 3p. Regular Tags or Metal Flag Tags are m…

Updated 1 month ago

Tagging soups or yogurts

Soups, yogurts, parfaits, and puddings are all liquid heavy products. It's important they be tagged properly for maximum readability. In general, yogurts use a Metal Safe Tag and soups a Microwave Sa…

Updated 4 months ago

Tagging salads or other hard packaging

In general, products in hard packaging use Regular tags; however always follow best practices: If the tag has potential to be microwaved, use a Microwave Safe tag. If the tag will be placed directly…

Updated 4 months ago

Are RFID tags microwave safe?

With heatable food items, you might wonder what were to happen if a tag was placed in a microwave? It is important that items that could be microwaved use a microwave-safe tag. Microwave-safe tags do…

Updated 4 months ago

Webinar: Tagging Best Practices

In this webinar, we review the various tag types and best practices for tagging a wide range of products.

Updated 5 months ago

Merchandising best practices

The open shelving of Byte stores and the flexible nature of the Byte platform, allows you to sell a wide range of products. There are some guidelines to ensure the products are readability.

Updated 2 months ago

Test and verify inventory

This article guides you through the essential steps of testing product tags, identifying non-reading tags, and preventing inventory discrepancies when setting up your Byte Technology store.

Updated 1 week ago

Tagging heatable entrees

Heatable entrees typically use a Microwave Safe Tag, however always follow best practices: If the tag has potential to be microwaved, use a Microwave Safe Tag. If the tag will be placed directly on m…

Updated 5 months ago

Tagging aluminum cans and foil-lined products

How to correctly tag aluminum products and what tags to use.

Updated 2 months ago