Custom graphics install instructions

If you're choosing to brand your Byte store with custom graphics, we recommend following the step-by-step process below:

  1. Make sure the store power source is fully unplugged
  2. Prepare the surface by making sure it’s clean and free of debris. 
  3. Fill a 24-ounce spray bottle with water. 
  4. Add one drop of dish soap. Mix gently but thoroughly so that the dish soap takes out the surface tension out of the water, but creates little to no foam/bubbles.
  5. Start with one side of the fridge at a time - Spray the entire side of the fridge with a thin layer of mist. 
  6. Starting at the top of the fridge, line up the sticker corners, pull the first 6 inches of the film and press to the surface
  7. Use squeegee in a downward motion to push any air bubbles out from underneath the sticker. 
  8. Pull the roll over the desired coverage area
  9. Apply pressure to the covered area to ensure the protective film remains in place
  10. Once complete with Sides move on to Marquee sticker application.  Repeat as instructed above to apply Marquee to Front of Store. 

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