Setting Up Your New Store

How to restock a Byte store

Anyone restocking the Byte store (i.e., delivery drivers) will need to know how to unlock the Byte store using the tablet.


Setting up your store to be NAMA-certified

Some health departments in the US require that vending machines and refrigerators be NAMA-certified. This article goes over how to set up your store to be.


Custom graphics install instructions

If you're choosing to brand your Byte store with custom graphics, we recommend following the step-by-step process below: Make sure the store power source is fully unplugged. Prepare the surface by ma…


Branding your store

Byte Technology stores are visually powerful tools for promoting your brand, and we encourage you to customize the look and feel with your branding. Below are the dimensions for all stickers that com…


Setting up your Byte Technology store

How to set up your brand new Byte store!


How soon will I receive my store?

The timeframe for when a Byte store ships and should deliver.