Creating a well rounded product menu


When creating products in the dashboard, keep in mind an overall menu of the products you wish to sell. Similar to a restaurant or a cafe with a written menu for the customer to select from, you are showcasing the products on the shelf and on the menu screen. Without a retail associate to encourage a sale, you will want your products to draw in the customer to purchase - both visually (how they are displayed) as well as informationally (the data you provide via the menu). 

A few things to keep in mind:

  • How do you want the overall store to look?
  • Compare your product mix to what you see at a grocery store or at your favorite retail store
  • Create a mix of item types on each shelf (a drink to go with that salad)
  • Make sure the size of packaging will fit within a Byte store's open shelving
  • Will the restocker be able to merchandise items easily over time?
  • Where will you position items with a short vs long shelf life?

Need help finding packaging for your products to sell in the Byte store? Here are a few quick links to a few websites clients have used in the past:

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