User Unable to Log In to Store Tablet Screen


Having trouble logging into the store and being unable to view the unlock restock page? Have you recently added a new user or updated your password to the online dashboard but they are unable to log in to the physical Byte Store? 

When a new user is added or password is updated to the online dashboard, their login data must be downloaded to that particular store - for example, during a product download. 

To check if a specific store unit has received a recent heartbeat status, you can find the latest time stamp on the Store Status page shown below:


If that store unit has NOT received a recent Heartbeat, you can select the Reboot / Restart app buttons on that page to remotely restart on the dashboard OR the person in charge of re-stocking the machine can manually reboot the physical unit by unplugging the white cable, waiting 10 seconds and plugging it back in. 

If this does not solve the login issue, please contact Support by chatting in through our live chat (located on the bottom right side when logged into the dashboard) or email us at Further support will be needed to make sure you have access to the kiosk. 

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