Placing Your Store on "Lockdown"

What is a lockdown?

A lockdown is a remote feature that allows you to lock the store at any given time, and prevent customers from swiping their card and making a purchase. Some examples of when you may do this are when you notice the store’s temperatures are out of range for an extended period of time and you do not want a customer making a purchase or if there are expired items and you need time to make it to the store to swap the products out. 

When a lockdown is turned on, the physical machine will display a message on the tablet screen and not allow customers to unlock the machine with a credit card swipe. 

Note: Your Byte Store must be online with a recent Heartbeat for Lockdown to apply to the store.

To place a store on lockdown:

  1. Select the Stores Tab
  2. Select the Store you wish to place on Lockdown
  3. Select the "Send Command to Store" tile
  4. Select "Lockdown"



5. Check the Status Page. 

You should see the "Locked Down" column displaying either "Locked" if locked, or "Unlocked". 


Example of Lock-down Message:


To end a Lock-down:

  1. To Remove "Lockdown", simply follow the above steps and select "Remove Lockdown"



NOTE: If you are still seeing the lockdown message appears on the screen, proceed with a reboot either by selecting the reboot button OR a manual reboot at the physical store level. 

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