Remittance Processing - Pay Out Schedule

Our payment period runs on a monthly schedule and is processed on the fifth (5th) business day of each month. Payouts or deductions are remitted directly to your bank account.

Note: If you have opted for invoice payment, your amount due will be sent to you via an email invoice. 


You will receive this payment via direct deposit to the account and routing information we have on file. Please note, payment can take 2-3 business days to process and arrive in your account. 

If you need to set up your banking information, be sure to complete an ACH form here

If you have questions about the banking information we have on file, please reach out to our finance team at

There are two ways you can view your monthly pay statements:
1. Via your Financials Tab
2. Billing Notification emails

Financials tab

The Financials tab shows you in detail the payouts to your bank account. You can also download a CSV file via the Export Export_Icon.png in the top right corner of the table view by selecting Export Remittance Summary CSV


The Export remittance summary option is the CSV file equivalent of the Financials Summary table view (what you see on your screen) and the Export Transactions CSV option includes a more detailed report of every transaction, including products sold, complete orders, refunds, and adjustments.

Help I haven’t received my payout from Byte yet?

If you have questions about your payment or payout we have on file, please reach out to our finance team at


Billing Notification emails

If you have toggled to receive billing notifications on your user profile you will receive the confirmation once the payment has been received. On this day, you will be able to go to the 'Financials' tab in the dashboard to view details.






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