How to restock a Byte store

Anyone restocking the Byte store (i.e., delivery drivers) will need to know how to unlock the Byte store using the tablet. The tablet has a similar look and feel to an iPad, and the steps to unlock the Byte store are very simple. Anyone with "Restocker Access" is able to unlock a Byte store to restock. Just make sure that you have your restocker username and password ready.

We do not recommend using the Open Door command to stock your stores. This can cause discrepancy issues with inventory.
  1. Hold your finger in the bottom left-hand corner for about 5 seconds

  1. Log in with your restocker username and the same password you use to access the Byte Dashboard. Remember - user names and passwords are case-sensitive, and it's best to input each letter/number slowly. Press Submit
  1. Click the green Unlock button to unlock the Byte store.

Well done! When you're ready to lock up, simply close the door and click the red Lock button.

Do not press the Back arrow button when finished with restocking. It does not close the restocking mode fully.

To Find Restocker Username

  1. Log into the dashboard
  2. Go to the top left corner and below the Byte logo, select the user details icon. This will bring you to your user account details.

  1. It will be under the Restock Username section. It is not usually an email.

If you're having issues with unlocking the Byte store, the first thing to try is manually rebooting at least twice. If your login account is brand-new, then the reason could be that the store's software needs to be updated. Rebooting twice or more should take care of this issue.

Check out our restock FAQs for any help!

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