Product tagging best practices

Byte Technology stores use RFID to understand what products are in inventory. Each shelf within a store has two antennae. These antennae interact with the RFID tags that are placed on each product, telling the store what is in inventory - and knowing what was purchased by a customer.

To ensure inventory is read, it's important that products be properly tagged and merchandised in a store. 

Tag Types

There are four tag types, and you should order the appropriate type based on the product the tag will go on.

Products should use the appropriate tag type based on characteristics such as packaging, product contents, and whether the tag will be microwaved.

Use a Regular Tag unless:

  • The tag will be microwaved, in which case use a Microwave Safe Tag
  • The tag will be on a drink or liquid-laden product, in which case use a Drink Flag Tag
  • The tag will be applied on metal or foil-lined packaging, in which case use a Metal Flag Tag
Tip: If you are uncertain as to what type of tag a product should use, the Metal and Drink Flag Tags are the most versatile tags and will work on most any product. See photo below for how these tags are folded in half and applied to the top of the product, ensuring there is an air gap between the tag and any liquid or metal.

Transparent Tags

To improve adhesive and lower tampering, Byte Technology is proud to introduce transparent tags for our flag tags and regular tags.

Keep in mind that the transparent regular tags are a little more delicate to take off than the previous tags but this protects you from tag tampering. If you pull the tag from the areas with the red marks, it will rip easily. You will need to pull from the edges delicately.

Best Practices

There are a few best practices for tagging products:

  • Antennas read RFID tags from above, so the tag should be placed toward the top of the product. Place the RFID tag on top of a lid facing up or at the top edge of the product. For drinks, place the tag on the bottle top to ensure the chip within the tag is up and away from any metal or liquid. Merchandise products with labels face up for better reading by RFID antennae.
  • Tags should never be folded in half except the fold on the Metal and Drink Flag Tags.
  • Tags should never be reused after they've been stocked in a store. 
  • Tags should never touch one another, as this can cause a tag to be not seen by a store's antennae
  • Do not stack liquids

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