Download a Pick List for easy restocking

A pick list is a document that lists the quantity of each item needed for a restock. A pick list itemizes the products that will need to be retrieved from your warehouse, commissary or kitchen prior to making a delivery to your Byte store. Using pick lists saves time, maximizes the effectiveness of each delivery, and ensures a store is well stocked. The Byte Dashboard allows you to export a pick list to CSV or PDF.

Many Byte clients print out copies of the pick list to enable them to easily pack delivery bins. The pick list also includes the address of the store. A store's address can be updated on the Store > Details page.

Note: A pick list can only be generated after you've set pars for each of your stores. Learn how to do so here.

How to export a pick list:

  1. Navigate to the Stores tab on the left-hand navigation panel
  2. Select Export Restock (CSV or PDF)
  3. Select which Byte store(s) you wish to pick for
  4. Select OK




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