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Throughout the month, customers will be shopping at your Byte Technology-powered stores. As customers swipe credit cards and purchase products, Byte Technology is the merchant of record and collects the money from those transactions. Remittance for the previous month is sent out once a month on the 5th business day of the following month.

You can see a summary and breakdown of how your remittance for each campus by month is calculated under the Financials tab. 

By selecting the ︿ on the far left column of this table view, you can see sales and fees associated with specific stores for that given month.




There are two reports that can be exported for a given month:

  • Export Transactions CSV: This export will show you the transactions that were accounted for in this calculation of your credit card sales. 
  • Export Financials CSV: This export will show you the table summary view in CSV format for the given month.


How is remittance calculated exactly?

Credit card sales and sales taxes are added together as your total profit for the total month. License fees, connectivity fees, adjustments, and tag orders are added together as your total fees. Then we subtract the total fees from your profit. The total is your remittance. If it is in the negative, that means the client owes Byte Technology that amount. When it is positive, that is the amount Byte Technology will give to you. This is how that looks:

(credit card sales + sales tax) - (license fees + merchant fees + connectivity fees + adjustments + tag orders) = Remittance(+/-)

A remittance is calculated as credit card sales net of any refunds or adjustments, minus any of the following:

  • Merchant Fees: the total processing fee for all transactions processed via a credit card. Please note there are two merchant fees: $0.20 per transaction and 2.5% per transaction.
  • License Fees: The monthly subscription fee for licensing Byte Technology
  • Connectivity fee: The monthly fee for any Byte stores using cellular connectivity, as opposed to hardline ethernet cable
  • Adjustments: Adjustments can either be credits (+) to your remittance or debits (-) to your remittance. These adjustments could include any fee credits, Tag + Parts shipping costs. 
  • Tag Orders: The fee sum for all tags ordered in a given month
  • Remittance: The total amount to be remitted to your bank information. If (-)Negative amount, the total amount due will be charged to your bank information on file. If (+) positive amount, the total amount owed to you will be deposited to your bank information on file. 

Remittances are processed by ACH, unless otherwise specified.  

If you have any additional finance questions, please reach out to our finance team at


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