Transaction status definitions

The Byte Dashboard uses different transaction statuses to delineate where a transaction is at in the processing process. This article goes over those meanings such as placed, processed, voided, and more.

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Transactions > Logs

There are times when you will need to check on specific transactions for your Byte store to see details on adjustments. This article goes over how to research this.

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Coupon Reporting

Once you have created and distributed coupons to customers, you then have the ability to see the discounts and the coupon codes that were applied to transactions.

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Transactions > Customer Emails

Customers can put in their email address at the end of the transaction to receive their receipt. This data is then visible to you to export and later use for any marketing materials to help engage with your customers.

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How to adjust a transaction or process a refund

Adjusting a transaction means changing the price the customer was charged whether the customer was charged for extra items, not charged for all the items, or a coupon didn't process.

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How to View Transactions & Transactions Overview

Overview of how to view transactions on the dashboard as well as useful tips.

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Export Transactions

This article goes over how to export transactions for a your chosen time-frame, store, product, discounted transactions, and more.

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How to prevent mischarges

Mischarges should only affect at most 1% of your total sales. You should not accept mischarges as normal if you see a large amount. It is not. This article goes over how mischarges happen and what can be done to lower the amount.

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