Stores Tab Overview

Goes over general information found on the Stores tab.

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Stores > Status

This article goes over the meaning of the health status you'll see for your stores: offline, too warm, RFID error, archived, online, and multiple issues.

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Stores > Technical

The Technical tab under the Store has the technical information for that specific store. This Article goes over what each part of this page means for serial, campus, timezone, pantry service, pantry watchdog, android, store service, note, KIT, RFID, OptConnect, etc.

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Stores > General

How to access the general information for each store is very quick and easy!

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Web Based Store Inventory / Online Menu

This article is about how to view your online menu, so you can share it!

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Download a Pick List for easy restocking

A pick list is a document that lists the quantity of each item needed for a restock. This article tells you how to export it.

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Stores > Restock

This article goes over where to find the restock for each specific store and to set pars.

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How To Set Pars

Setting pars at a Store allows you to define the quantity of each product you wish to be stocked in a store with each delivery.

Megan Mokri
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Sales Tax

Sales tax might be required to charge for purchases made at your Byte store depending on the location that the store is located. Sales tax is easy to set and can be set at the Byte store level.

Carolina Villatoro
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Stores > Discounts

The Discounts section of the Dashboard is where you'll set up any discounts and coupons to be applied to products and purchases at a Byte Technology-powered store.

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Stores > Financial

The Financials tab under a specific store shares information about fees for this store.

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